The Quackbuster's Newest Victim (Wisconsin)...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

February 9, 2003

This story will make you angry

We all know there is a subversive group operating in America that arrogantly calls itself the "quackbusters."  Their job is make certain that nothing new evolves in health care that would compete with the existing system.  They get paid to do this. They've been operating for some time.  It's time to shut them down.

Last year the quackbusters were laughed out of a California Superior Court when they claimed that "alternative medicine was fraud because it hadn't been scientifically proven."    They had put a  lot of time, and bragging, into this project - and they were completley humiliated.

The whole California quackbuster attack was a hoax, and a scam, cooked up by Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, and Stephen Barrett (of to pay themselves "expert witness fees."  They both needed the money, as neither of them seems to be able to hold a job. Baratz, and Barrett were supposedly acting on behalf of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).


The newest quackbuster attack aims at leading-edge MDs - those that rarely prescribe dangerous drugs, and focus on making, and keeping, their patients healthy - and the laboratories, pharmacies, vitamin manufacturers, and equipment manufacturers that serve those practitioners.  It is centered in Wisconsin.

Reeling from horrendous beatings in California, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida, the "quackpots" (as they are called in the Health Freedom Movement) are getting desperate.


The quackbusters want to "set a precedent" case in place - to be used against other practitioners using leading-edge therapies, testing, diagnostic equipment, and pharmacies, in Wisconsin (about 3,000), and nationwide (about 450,000).  To do this they needed a case they thought they could win.  They needed someone who they thought couldn't defend themselves.  The attackers found an MD,  a victim they thought would be ideal, for their purposes, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  They picked Eleazar Kadile, MD.

Eleazor Kadile, MD is a nice, kind, man.  His patients think the world of him.  He, and his family, have made their mark in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  His wife, Genia, is a certified Nutritionist.  No patients have ever complained about him - in fact the opposite is true. Like many leading-edge MDs, Eleazar Kadile gets those patients who have been EVERYWHERE else - and tried EVERYTHING to restore their health - to no avail.  They came to him to get healthy - and it worked.

Eleazar was a regular-old-conventional practitioner until it was discovered that two of his children had a serious medical condition that was virtually UNTREATABLE by conventional medical methods - lupus.  He began his search into the realm of "leading-edge," or more commonly called "alternative," medicine for a simple reason - he wanted to save his children's lives. 

I've spent a lot of time with the Kadiles, and their patients, during the last year.  These people are what America is all about.

A few years ago, the Kadile children's medical condition (lupus), came to a critical point.  Death was near...  Eleazar Kadile went to the University of Wisconsin and arranged to give his son one of his kidneys - to save his life.  Genia Kadile gave their daughter one of her kidneys - to save her life.  Only one of the children survived - the daughter.

As you can imagine, the situation with their children, nearly crushed the Kadiles - emotionally and financially.  Medical Insurance in this country is a not-funny joke.  The Kadiles put everything they had into saving their children.  Who wouldn't?

It was that  "put everything they had" situation that made the quackbusters select Eleazar, and Genia, as their victims. Arthur Thexton, a Wisconsin "quackbuster" prosecutor, and Robert Baratz, selected Eleazar Kadile as their target BECAUSE of the Kadile's situation surrounding their children, and it's related devastating financial, and emotional, trauma.  Thexton, and Baratz, figured the Kadiles would be an easy victim - because it didn't appear they could defend themselves.  Typical quackbuster thinking...

They could have been right...

But Thexton, and Baratz, didn't count Kadile's patients, other Wisconsin health professionals, Wisconsin legislators, and leaders in the "advanced medicine" industry into the equation.  It was the Kadile case that spawned the birth of the Wisconsin Association for Health Freedom (WAHF).  One case led to another, until it was discovered that there was a plot that could be proven.  And now the WAHF is angry - and organizing, fund raising, and taking action.

Just for this case alone, The prestigious international College of Integrative Medicine formed a special task force to deal with this case and it's ramifications..  So did the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.


The Kadile case is ongoing in Wisconsin.  Prosecutor Thexton, and Baratz, cooked up a plot to win.  It is in progress.  What these two are trying to do is to force Eleazar Kadile to settle his case with a so-called "stipulation."  We believe that that "stipulation" is the model that Thexton and Baratz want to FORCE ON ALL 3,000 Wisconsin practitioners who use leading-edge practices. At the bottom of this article is a link to the so-called "stipulation."

To force Kadile into settlement, Thexton is having Baratz testify as an expert on ALL PHASES OF MEDICINE for 7 to ten days.  The idea is exhaust Dr. Kadile's financial resources as fast as possible so that he can't afford legal counsel, and will have to give in and accept their so-called "stipulation."  Our friend Jonathan Collin, the owner of "The Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients" printed the entire "stipulation" in the January, 2003 issue.

When you read the "stipulation" documents, you'll understand what the quackbusters, including Thexton, are trying to do.


Right now the Quackbusters are "on the ropes" in North America.  For obvious reasons, we need to keep them there.  In Wisconsin we have an opportunity to do them EVEN MORE harm than we did to them in California, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida.

Exposure of the quackbusters has led to their demise. Their top propagandist, Barrett, with his dubious website, claims to be the do-all, be all, expert in health care.  It turns out that, among other things, Barrett's claim to being "a retired Psychiatrist," is laughable.  In his last five years of practice ending in 1993, legal documents show, Barrett "saw" only nine patients, and his so-called "employment" was at the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, PA from 1979 to 1999, where he worked "4 to 8 hours a week," giving out band-aids in a ward.  From this laughable career, Barrett claims to have gleaned an expertise in ALL things health and medical.

The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), the quackbuster flagship, has sunk.  It's currently headquartered in a dirty cardboard box in the back room of a Boston area hair removal salon.  It used to be based at California's Loma Linda University - before it was rudely evicted.  Their current president, Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD, in a RECENT desperate fund-raising plea for the NCAHF, actually offered an out-of-focus photo of me (Tim Bolen), and a recording of me (Tim Bolen) leaving a message with the Wisconsin Medical Board, as an INDUCEMENT for contributions.  Honest to God.

Worse, for the quackbuster leadership, is that their last attempt at gaining status in the medical world - the so-called "fraud" lawsuits in California last year, not only FLOPPED, but ended up getting them a legal judgment,  I estimate at $700,000, against the NCAHF for court costs and Attorney fees.  Barrett and Baratz, as well as the NCAHF board members and the general membership, may have a PERSONAL LIABILITY in that case. There was never any doubt that Barrett, and Baratz, had cooked up the so-called "fraud" lawsuits, without consulting the NCAHF board, or the membership, as a device to bring in "expert witness" fees to, and for, themselves...  They needed the money.  See "Quackbusters in BIG court troubles..." at

At this point, one would think that the quackbusters would simply fold up their tent, and shrink into the shrubbery....  But, no, we're not dealing with normal people here.  The average quackbuster, is now, and always has been, forty-seven planks short of a woodpile.  Their ranks are a haven for "losers" in the medical profession.  Bitter losers.


In short, we've got one of the top quackbusters, Baratz,  trapped in a corner.   Baratz thinks he's in Wisconsin to put a stop to MDs, and other health practitioners in Wisconsin, from practicing "alternative" medicine.   In short, we've lured the "quackbusters" into a battle, in Wisconsin, they can't slink away from (like they did in California). They've put all their eggs in one basket - little Bobbie Baratz, with his fake resume...
Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD needs money, badly.  He can't find a job in the Boston area after he had a physical altercation with a 72 year-old woman at his last place of employment.  Baratz, "made up a life" on his resume, so he could testify in court - and sound, and look like he knows what he's talking about. The California "fraud" project failed, miserably. It provided him with NO income. Not only did his visions of financial sugar plums NOT dance in his head - but he may end up losing his assets over his manipulation of the NCAHF, because of those California lawsuits. 

To try and recover, Bobbie has found two quackbuster sympathizers in Wisconsin at the Department of Regulation and Licensing (DORL) - one named Arthur Thexton, the other James Polewski. Bobbie thinks he's found financial salvation.  Wisconsin public records, uncovered by the Wisconsin Association for Health Freedom (WAHF), indicate that Bobbie has been paid $48,806.60 so far for his "expertise."  And, all he has to do is make up stories. 

That, he does.

What Baratz, Thexton, and Polewski are grandiosely trying to do is to open the door towards shutting down an entire industry - the advanced medicine industry - estimated to be operating in the US in the billions of dollars.  The plan is to harass the doctors - make them afraid.  If the doctors bolt, there goes the laboratories, the vitamin companies, the compounding pharmacies, the diagnostic suppliers, etc.  Wisconsin is their pilot program - if they win here, they'll take the show on the road. But they have some problems to solve...
Right now the Judge in the Wisconsin case has ordered Baratz to explain himself, in writing.  The Judge is going to rule on whether, or not, Baratz can continue in the case.  Frankly, the prosecutor, Arthur Thexton, is sweating bullets over this.  It's obvious the Judge has serious doubts, and he hasn't even seen OUR files on Baratz yet - but he will... We had to hire a private detective to get the truth.

From what we can tell, so far, in Wisconsin, Arthur Thexton brought in Baratz BECAUSE of his fake resume, and his ability to lie on demand.  Thexton, records show, has his own ethical issues.  He was fired, for cause, from his position as a police officer before he was hired by DORL.  He's also being sued by an angry MD in an earlier case.

Polewski, on the same hand, is equally ethically questionable..  When he recently lost a case against a Wisconsin Dentist in appeal, he and his investigator started an internet, and telephone, campaign to try to destroy the dentist's business.  Polewski, et al, got themselves sued in Federal Court by that Dentist.  The lawsuit claims that Polewski called the dentist's patients, insurance companies, etc., in an attempt to disrupt the dentist's business.  Polewski had claimed that the dentist's specialty "Micro dentistry" was health fraud.  Baratz has testified to this silly argument in other States.


Simply, the gruesome threesome are trying to force Wisconsin back into the dark ages of medicine, without benefit of legislation.  They are trying to make rules, and laws, defining health care, on their own. 
The true mark of fanatics - self-styled quackbusters.

How do I know what they're up to?  That's an easy answer.  I have Thexton's written plan in my hand - with his signature on it.  It is, in short, what he, Baratz, and Polewski, are planning on demanding of every leading-edge health practitioner in the State of Wisconsin..   I've put the whole thing on a web site - with explanation.  You can read it at:

Keep one more thing in mind.  It's a series of questions.  It's these:  "How do we stop this continued nonsense?"  "How do we keep our leading-edge practitioners, and providers, from being constantly attacked by the quackbuster scum?"
As a society we must at times, act ruthlessly.  In Wisconsin, we must not act kindly to Baratz, Polewski, and Thexton.  We're bringing in the big guns. 


The "quackbusters" have been around for a while. They've done a lot of damage to America. They need to PAY for that. We can't just let them slink back under the rock they originally crawled out from under.

Morris Dees, the head of the Center For Southern Poverty Law, had the right idea when he went after the Ku Klux Klan - and destroyed them. In short, Dees, and his group, hunted down the leadership of the KKK, and sued them into oblivion - seizing and selling their property - homes, guns, pickup trucks, and white sheets with eyeholes. Dees, and his group, turned over the information they gathered to the US Attorney General - and the Attorney General acted. That's what we need to do to the "quackbusters." Exactly that.

Wisconsin is an excellent opportunity - we've got their top guy (Baratz), with his fake resume, and his crazed testimony, backed up against the wall - and two public employees (prosecutors) are using Bobbie KNOWING he's a fake, and a fraud. Perfect.

Stay tuned...  This is going to be fun.

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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