Busting the Quackbusters: The Plan for 2004...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

January 6th, 2004

In 2004, the North American Health Freedom Movement needs to take a HARD LINE AGAINST the "suppression" of new health care. Where a new idea, paradigm, product is blocked, harassed, intimidated, or what-ever, in favor of the status quo, we need to take appropriate action against those responsible.  No matter who it is.

The war between "health" and "medicine" is a life or death struggle. 

Forcing Americans to die to support the concept that a new health regimen, product, etc., must be bureaucratically "accepted" or "proven" before it can be used is, without a doubt, PREMEDITATED MURDER - and we need to deal with it as such.  Any government agent, supporting "suppression" needs to spend time in a Federal penitentiary, and in some cases, end their life at the end of a rope.

Period. No exceptions.

Right now, in the US, big pharma has control of the FDA "approval" procedure. They've set it up to favor pharmaceuticals, by making it so expensive that ONLY big pharma can afford the "approval" game. It costs 200 to 600 million dollars to run a new drug through the so-called "approval" process, and these products are, basically, "double-blind" studied on our inner-city poor. Besides the sheer nonsense of the process, and the costs, "double-blind" studies are the most evil thing ever perpetrated on humanity. 

This whole system has to be stopped. This is the year to do it. 2004.


We did well in 2003...

2003 was a bad year for QUACKBUSTING - the organization that dedicated itself to the outright harassment of America's top health products, ideas, and practitioners met defeat at every meeting. The North American Health Freedom Movement walloped them, with ease, at every confrontation.

But, it's not enough...

2004 needs to be even worse for the quackbusters, for this needs to be the year of penalties. Severe penalties. No studies have ever been done to determine the level of suffering, and death, inflicted on Americans because of the activities of these conspirators...yet.

So, let's begin...

It is time we looked at the damage the quackbusters are causing to our society, and severely punish them for their actions. And, we need to punish, severely, any government agent, in any, and all, government agencies, Federal, State, local, that in any way subscribe to, embrace, promote, or use as evidence "quackbuster's" concepts, or ideas about health care.

Ideally, for instance, we should set up the situation where, if an attorney for a government agency uses, or quotes, "quackwatch.com," or "ncahf.org," in a report, probable cause document, etc., as an authority, we can immediately get a hearing in front of the State Bar, and get that attorney's license to practice law suspended or revoked.

This year, we should look at PATIENT HARM issues. If the activities of a government agent to stop, or harass, a new paradigm, result in the death of a patient - we should call it what it is - NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE - and deal with the situation as such.

2004 is the year to get tough on crime.

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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