Understanding "Codex"...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Sunday, February 20th, 2005

I get a lot of e-mails, phone calls, and personal requests to "get involved" in the "Codex" problem.  Until today, you haven't heard anything from me on the subject.  Why?

Because, simply, I haven't yet figured out exactly what's happening with the whole thing.  I, myself, have been asking questions of my contacts all over the world.  I have a lot of contacts.

From my research, and it has only begun, and the research and observations of others whose opinions I respect, I've reached some tentative conclusions and, using the scientific method, have come up with a working hypothesis, and some possibilities for solution. I'm going to share my thinking, and observations, with you.

(1)  The "Codex" issue is NOT about stopping supplements worldwide.  It is about Big Pharma TAKING OVER, and completely controlling the supplement industry.

(2)  The "Codex" issue is NOT a "by itself" issue.  It is simply a symptom, and a manifestation, of a much larger problem.  What's happening on Planet Earth is that multinational corporations, now, are so large that they, in their daily business dealings, are much larger, and certainly more powerful than MOST of Earth's nations.  Those multinational corporations have set up the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the new world government, completely under their control.

(3)  The multinational corporations, through the WTO, have set up the situation where THEY are challenging both the idea of DEMOCRACY (people governing themselves) and the power of governments to control world policy.

(4)  The multinational corporations, through the WTO, have set up the situation where THEY are intentionally attempting to destroy the North American economy - and that of ALL of the United States' historical allies. 

(5)  Big Pharma, knowing it is "going down," because of its murderous avariciousness, is attempting to move its PEOPLE into new positions.  One of those places is "the supplement industry.."

(6)  Big Pharma, knowing it is "going down," is funding its next attempt at world domination (yes, that's what this is about) in the United States - with its DRUG PRICING SCHEMES, and its control, through huge advertising budgets, of the US media.  US citizens pay five times what everyone else pays for drugs - for no good reason.  Big Pharma is doing this, I believe, to destroy American Industry's ability to compete in a world market.


What Makes Me Think This Way?

I don't believe in coincidence. 

I met with the  Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH) Executive Director Robert Verkerk a few months ago.  ANH, as you probably already know, is leading the legal battle, in Europe, over the Codex issues.  They are doing a very good job.

I am, in my business life, a war oriented Crisis Management Consultant.  So, one of the first questions I ask of my clients, or prospective clients, is "who is behind this attack on you?"  I want very specific answers - for if I take on a project - "the opposition's" Command Post is going to get (figuratively speaking) bombed into dust particles IMMEDIATELY - just to level the playing field.

So I asked Robert VerKerk about Codex.  I asked my usual question "who is behind this attack on you?"  Simply, I want to know, who exactly is "the opposition."  Who, exactly, is setting up, and running, the attack on supplements worldwide?  Robert's answer was one word...


"Merck?"  As in the same "Merck" that heinously murdered 55,000+ Americans with its deadly Vioxx?   As in the same "Merck" that heinously spent 500 million dollars with American network television, funneled through its New York ad agency (quackbusters?),  AFTER it knew how deadly its product was?

Yes.  The very same "Merck."

"Merck," according to VerKerk,  controls the manufacturing and distribution of the base ingredients OF THE ONLY SUPPLEMENTS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE in Europe - and possibly North America.

See why  "I don't believe in coincidence?"


So - What Do We Do About This?

(1)  Understanding a problem is halfway to solution... (2)  We support the Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH)'s legal campaign.  (3)  We target Big Pharma's money stream right here in the US (we are already doing this)  (4)  We need to STOP ALL advertising of drugs - period. We need to control our own media - not allow Big Pharma to call the shots. (5) We must arrest Merck executives in the US, seize their personal property, and stick them in Guantanamo Bay until we're ready to put them on trial...

Think "Merck"...  But "Merck" is not alone.  Think "Big Pharma."  This is battle for World Domination - period.  Either "we the people" run our governments, AND DECIDE WORLD POLICY, or big multinational corporations will - through the WTO.


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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