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Our REGIONAL ALLIES in Health Freedom...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Big Pharma's well funded "quackbuster" operation has, for years and years, conducted a Public Relations "black ops" against anything, everything, and anybody and everybody that competed with the sale of dangerous drugs as the one and only "treatment" for disease. 

Note that "Western Medicine" does not offer a "cure," only expensive "treatment."  Officially, there hasn't been a "cure" for anything since Polio was stopped in 1957.

There is a war on, worldwide, between the forces of "health," versus the forces of "medicine."  The war is a battle between "cure versus. treatment."

Many groups have been formed, and are superbly active to defend "alternatives" to the mega-deadly, and destructive, drug paradigm. 

Many of these groups no longer just "defend" against constant attacks - they are fully on the "offensive."

Here are some of them...