Australian Health Freedom Movement Gears Up For War...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

December 19th, 2003

This important story is about how well the Australian Health Freedom Movement is organizing its campaign. In a minute I'm going to send you to read a well written article by Eve Hillary titled "Casualties of Corporate Medicine - The Jennie Burke Story."

Eve Hillary's article clearly, and simply, using the story of Jennie Burke, explains the political situation facing leading-edge health practitioners "Down Under." Eve tells the story of "who, what, where, when, and how"  big pharma has organized its Australian anti-health campaign.  Every Health Advocate, and certainly every Health Freedom Advocate, in the world, should take a look at "the mechanism" of an organized "quackbuster" operation. The quackbuster modus operandi in Australia is atypical. What they do in Australia, is what they do everywhere. Knowing how they operate is knowing how to beat them.

Before you go read Eve's article, understand what this article means in terms of the war between "Health" and "Medicine," worldwide. The Australian Health Freedom Movement is going on the "Offensive."

Why? You can't win a war on "Defense." If you believe strongly enough in your mission, you're going to have to go on "Offense," to win. You can't go on offense unless you know "who, what, where, when, and how" about the the problem. Hence, Eve's article explaining the problem.

There definitely is a war going on, worldwide (Planet Earth), between the forces of "Health," and the forces of "Medicine." "Health" wants "cure" and "prevention." "Medicine" wants endless "treatment," without solution.  For big pharma, it's all about greed.

It is a classic battle between Good and Evil.

In the US, where I live, the "Health" movement has been a sleeping giant, growing, without assistance, to immense proportions, where it now commands more than half of the US health dollar, and acceptance by 88% of the adult population. More amazing, is that, for all practical purposes, "Health," is an out-of-pocket expenditure for those US citizens, in addition to those fees they pay for health insurance.

In the US, the Medical Bureaucracy, made up of the Health Insurance Industry and the US government sponsored problem-laden Medicare, have become the SOLE supporters of "Medicine" - and the ONLY ones who will pay for it. American citizens won't put out an out-of-pocket nickel for any of it - except cosmetic offerings (face lifts, breast enhancements, etc.). And, that makes for an interesting situation.

The whole US American Medical Bureaucracy apparatus is now at risk, because of the "Health" movement. Why? "Medical" costs are soaring through the roof, because of the sheer greed inherent in the system. The system is, literally, eating itself. Health Insurance Executives are businessmen. They know the system is crumbling, falling in on itself, and that the US economy cannot, and will not, continue to sustain the soaring cost. So, they are looking for "alternatives." Alternatives?

Yes, alternatives... as in "Alternative Medicine."

US Health Insurance, and in fact, all insurance companies, are already offering discounted rates to "non-smokers." How long will it be before health insurance companies offer discount rates to those who have removed their mercury tooth fillings?

How long will it be before health insurance companies offer discount rates to those who are willing to have a blood test, or other lab work, done to determine what heavy metals, parasites, and toxins are in their bodies, and are willing to undergo body cleansing programs?

How long will it be before health insurance companies offer "Health?"

And, that's what's REALLY worrying the Medical Establishment - the insurance companies turning away from "treatment," towards "cure" and prevention" strategies. It will be the end of "Medicine," as we know it. It's why "Medicine" has set up, and funded, the "quackbuster" operation - to discredit "Health," and maintain the profit margin, now matter how many people suffer and die needlessly.

Despite an organized campaign, "Medicine" is not winning...

The "Sleeping Giant" Awakes....

Worldwide, health freedom movements are springing up and having huge successes using simple strategies and tactics. Why? I think it's because of the sheer overwhelming numbers of people involved in the "Health" movement worldwide, and their belief in the rightness of their mission. Britain and Canada come to mind as well run campaigns I'll tell you about in another newsletter.

In Australia, a health freedom movement is coalescing to counter the machinations of an organized "quackbuster" attack. It has completed "step #1" of any battle plan. It has identified the problem at hand. There's an old adage that says "Identifying the problem is half way to solution." I absolutely know this to be true.

I'm going to let you read Australia's "Step #1" in a minute. It's in the form a of a well written article by Eve Hillary titled "Casualties of Corporate Medicine - The Jennie Burke Story."  Click here...  It's a PDF file, so it'll take a minute to load.

And stay tuned...


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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