Quackpot menace BLOWN AWAY in Florida...

August 26, 2001

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Stephen Barrett, and his stumbling minions, have lost ANOTHER major battle...

It happened quickly, like a hurricane building off the coast. Before anyone realized it, a whole State full of people were contacting their legislators demanding action. And, action they got... The Florida Legislature acted.

Apparently the people of Florida were UNIMPRESSED with the Time magazine article where Barrett declared himself "I am the media" - (I'm still laughing about that). They just plain ignored his bizarre claims about "leading-edge" alternative medicine and voted themselves their own brand new "Health Freedom Act."

Apparently Florida legislators were ALSO UNIMPRESSED with the demands of the President of the Florida Dental Association to "remove dentistry" from the health freedom bill. The President used the Phillips case as an example of why dentists need to be excluded. The "President" had testified against Phillips in the Florida case. Observers said his testimony sounded more like feeding time at the Miami Zoo duck pond, then the sage words of an industry professional.

Jan and I were able to help the Florida team, at the last minute, by leading them to some experts who were able to provide Florida Senate committee members with six inches of documents showing why dentists ABSOLUTELY needed to be included.

Apparently Floridians (including elected officals) don't want their leading-edge health professionals harassed by the Barretts of the world. The bill passed the Florida Senate by a vote of 35 to1. Then it passed the Florida House UNANIMOUSLY.

Congratulations to the hard-working Florida Team. You've done a good thing for Floridians. And a good thing for America.


Tim Bolen

JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group