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Monday, November , 2004




Several State of South Carolina employees, a County Coroner, a County Medical Examiner, an Oncologist, a self-styled CAM "lite" practitioner, a private practice attorney, and a newspaper reporter, found out, THE HARD WAY, last Thursday, November 18th, 2004, why it it's a really BAD idea to rely on any information sucked out of the internet site calling itself ""  A South Carolina Judge explained it all to them...


Last Thursday, that South Carolina Judge issued her ruling in a Hearing called by certain employees of South Carolina's Medical Board system to immediately remove Jim Shortt MD's license to practice medicine alleging that he MURDERED a patient by using Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy last March, 2004. 


The ruling, an emphatic "CASE DISMISSED!!"


In October of this year, armed agents of several State, County, and Federal departments raided Jim Shortt MD's Columbia, South Carolina clinic seizing records, and everything, virtually, that wasn't bolted the the floor.  The local media, alerted ahead of time by those agencies, filmed the whole thing.  Jim Short was vilified in the local press, primarily by a reporter for "The State" newspaper named Cliff LeBlanc.  LeBlanc, in way over-the-top reporting, had accused Jim Shortt of "injecting rocket fuel" into the patient.  Remember LeBlanc's name - you'll be reading more about him below.


The Jim Shortt case is so unbelievable it's hard to find a starting point to begin to tell you about it.  To make it simple, I'll start right from where I first got involved.  It's been a roller-coaster ride.  The case has been a literal HELL for Jim shortt, his family, his business, and his friends - TO THIS POINT.  But now, things are going to turn around, and Jim can try to rebuild his life.


The story I'm telling you is one more example of just how rotten, and murderous. the "quackbuster"  conspiracy really is.  But more, this story tells you how easy it is to turn the situation around if you know what's actually happening - and who, and what, is actually behind the assault against North America's cutting-edge practitioners.



The Jim Shortt Story...


I've known Jim Shortt for several years - mostly through ICIM, IOMA, AAEM, or ACAM meetings which we both attend.  We've had dinner together at, at least, one of those events. He called me last March after he had been formally accused of murdering that patient by the County Coroner.  Now, I know him, his family, friends, et al, a whole lot better.  My gain.  The idea that Jim Shortt, or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy could murder someone is absolute nonsense.  The "quackbuster"  and those that relied on their false statements, need to PAY DEARLY for what they did to Jim Shortt.  After meeting, and talking, to Jim's attorneys, I'd say that "pay dearly" project is underway.  I'll keep you informed.


But, our current story begins at the ICIM/IOMA meeting in Atlanta, Georgia this last October 6th through the 10th, 2004.  I've said before what a great group these people are, and their performance to help Jim Shortt was nothing short of spectacular. 


Jim Shortt found me in a meeting room, and asked if I could talk to him for a minute.  What he told me (the story up-to-date) was shocking.  Immediately, we put a plan together to deal with the current emergency, and called in ICIM/IOMA's "Emergency Response Team" to help.  And, help they did.


What was the "emergency?"  CBS "60 Minutes" was heading for Jim Shortt's clinic on Monday... and the news media, so far, had been ripping Jim Shortt, and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy to pieces.  Cliff LeBlanc, at "The State" newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina had sensationalized the Shortt case on the front page of his newspaper, mis-characterizing Shortt and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.  LeBlanc was clearly using "quackbuster" material...


But, there was more to LeBlanc.  About two years before, LeBlanc had written a glowing article about a local attorney named Richard Gergel.  Gergel is listed on the "Quackwatch Legal Advisory Board."  According to his website, Gergel specializes in Medical negligence... through eighteen wheeler accidents.  Not long ago he participated in


A seminar for all levels of experience that will take you from meeting your client to greeting the trial judge November 5, 2004
Pre-emptive Strike: Stopping the Defense Team in Their Tracks



Amen to that...   72% of the California voters said "NO."

Proposition 71, the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. The $3 billion bond issue was approved, and would make California the nation's leader in funding for embryonic stem cell studies by providing an annual $300 million to create a California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. That would be 12 times what the federal government spends on embryonic stem cell research and 18 to 33 times what California spends on breast cancer and AIDS research, respectively.

59.1% of California voters voted for this initiative.  The message is clear - Californians want "cures" not endless, expensive, go-no-where, "treatments."  Stem Cell Therapy is NOT Big Pharma.

The big issue, between proponents in California, and opponents in Washington is not that Stem Cell Therapy has merit - because both sides agree that it does.  The argument is over the use of human fetuses - whether that's ethical or unethical.  Anti-abortion proponents can easily visualize an industry ripping the unborn from a welfare mother's womb, and tossing the fetus into a blender, and sending "mom" home with 25 bucks in her pocket.

But, the "insider" argument in Stem Cell Therapy isn't so well known.  David Steenblock DO, a well known stroke re-hab doctor, using hyperbaric oxygen, etc., and scientist, is probably one of the world's leading experts on Stem Cell Therapy, and he says "there is no need, in Stem Cell Therapy, to use fetus material.  Everything you need can be found in the umbilical cord.  Umbilical cords are discarded after a successful birth.  There is NO worry about ethics.  Umbilical Stem Cells are, in fact, FAR BETTER, and FAR SAFER to use than embryonic." 

Steenblock knows what he's talking about.  Just this last October 20th, Steenblock spoke at UC Irvine's "Developing Stem-Cell Therapies."  More about Steenblock can be found here.

59.1% of California voters said "YES" to Stem Cell Therapy.

Now for a laugh.... Everybody who reads my newsletter knows that I hold the "quackbusters"  in low regard.  I never hesitate to point out when one of their top players loses a battle, pees his own pants (did I tell you about that?), or just does something incredibly sleazy or stupid. 

Of course, some quackbuster would involve himself in the Stem Cell Therapy debate.  Why wouldn't they?  They're accustomed to telling the world about their expertise in a subject they just heard about ten minutes ago - and offering to testify about it... 

So, it won't surprise you that Stephen Barrett, the author of the dubious website has done a piece on it - and of course he mentioned Steenblock.  The article, goofy from beginning to end, represents Barrett's inability to get much of anything right. 

In the article called "The Shady Side of Stem Cell Therapy,"  Barrett proves once again what I've always said of him "Barrett, in his effort to slime cutting-edge health practitioners, does POOR, if any, research."  Barrett accuses Steenblock of doing "embryonic" Stem Cell Therapy.  Embryonic?

Proposition 64, which changed the state's business competition law to end "shakedown lawsuits" against small businesses.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had joined several citizen's groups in taking a formal stand against certain sleazy "quackbuster" activities.  The Governor, along with a citizen's group, "Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits (CSSL),  promoted California ballot Proposition #64, described by Schwarzenegger to accomplish the following:


""Proposition 64 will stop the legal practice of shakedown lawsuits, in which private lawyers file suits without any client or any evidence of harm. This turns lawyers into bounty hunters, stalking innocent small businesses that create jobs and opportunity in California."  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger."


The "quackbuster's" flagship, the self-styled National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), just a few years ago, stalked, and sued, over forty innocent victims in California using the "shakedown" lawsuit principal.  According to delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, the NCAHF's Vice President brags "NCAHF sued about 40 defendants, and I have also been involved as a consultant or expert witness in similar cases filed by other parties. Overall, at least ten have been settled..."


If the "quackbusters" hadn't been stopped DEAD in their tracks by the North American Health Freedom Movement, no doubt, they would have sued, not forty, but thousands of victims in California. 


58.9% of California voters said "YES" to stopping quackbuster "shakedown" lawsuits for all time.


The message is clear.

Stay tuned...


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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