"Cry Havoc, and Loose the Dogs of War"William Shakespeare

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

August 14th, 2003


In the United States, the drug lords prevail.

So far...

26 drug companies fund the "quackbuster" operation.  But now, because of the actions of one man, we have the opportunity to pull the financial rug out from under the most evil enemy America has ever faced, the very group that has dedicated itself to the financial ruin, and the illness, and death, of North America's population - big pharma.

All we have to do is help that one man.  He's half done with the project.  It goes like this...

Everybody knows that Americans pay three to seven times as much for the same prescription drug in the United States as Canadians and Europeans do.  We don't even want to discuss Mexico or South American prices for the same prescriptions.  The average American simply wouldn't believe the cost difference.  The greed of big pharma is a scandal of monstrous proportion.

Senior citizens in the US have to make choices between medications and food every month.  Our brighter children are forced by  "the school nurse" to ingest mind-altering dangerous drugs, allegedly to control their behavior.  Newborn babies are forcibly injected with a burning chemical concoction that their little bodies are completely unable to deal with.  Influence peddlers, hired by the drug lords, grinningly march the halls of our government agencies buttonholing our civil servants to act on their behalf.  The quackbusters are funded.

But one man, an American hero, has been pointing out this situation to the US Congress.  And, they're listening.  This  one guy has found a way to do something about the problem.  His name is Bill Faloon, and he's the head of the Life Extension Foundation.  He's backing the idea that North Americans should be able to buy their prescriptions out of the country for a whole lot less money.  

And, so far, Congress says "That's a good ideas Bill... Let's do that."  The US House of Representatives, despite massive drug lobbying, has already passed their version of the "Drug Importation Bill."  The article our legislators are reading to help them make their decisions is right here - http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2002/oct2002_awsi_01.html.  The bill is heading for the Senate.

And, that's where WE come in.
The drug lords with their mega-billion dollar advertising budget are getting ready to try and stop the bill in the Senate.  That ad agency, the one where all the "quackbuster" targets are picked, is gearing up for the gold deliveries to their New York banks.
Now's our chance.  The big opportunity.  Ripping big pharma apart.  Stabbing them where they live - in their cash flow.
Tired of sleazy drug lords calling the shots at the FTC, and the FDA?  Tired of drug peddlers convincing "school nurses" to turn in little Johnny and Mary Sue as candidates for mind-altering "behavior drugs?"  Tired of watching your family's once-proud Seniors try and figure out how to make the retirement check stretch for "the drugs?"  And more?
What would happen if we, as Americans, were suddenly able to cut our drug costs to 20% of what they are now?  Would big pharma fall apart?  Would there be no money for drug dealer influence at FTC and FDA?  Would there be no money to spend on so-called "school nurse" training programs?  Would failed MD, and chief quackbuster propagandist, Stephen Barrett have to pay for his own lawsuits?  Would health insurance plans be able to offer real health care?
I hope so.
Let's find out.  Keep your eye on www.lef.org.  Bill, and his team, are watching the Senate bill movement closely.  When the time comes, it is up to us to overcome the advertising campaign that big pharma is going to throw at the American Senate.  We'll show you how to contact your own Senator.
Outnumbering the quackbusters 100,000 to 1 will pay off, right here...
Stay tuned...
Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate


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