Disruption of "Alt-Med" discussion groups...

December 29, 2001

Opinion by Tim Bolen

We need your help...

It has come to our attention that several "Alt-Med" discussion groups have been invaded by the nastier of the "quackbuster" ilk. We are told that when a discussion begins on these lists, specific people log-on and virulently attack the discussion members.

It has been pointed out to us that these activities could be evidence of an organized conspiracy, and would be useful in a court case in California targeting these conspirators.

We would appreciate contact on this subject with the express purpose of developing an evidentiary chain. It is not necessary to identify the originator of these messages - only to compile them. We have experts available that can find ANYONE, no matter how well they try to hide.

Please contact us with any information about this conspiracy to disrupt alternative medicine discussion groups. We are eager to proceed.

Let me make it clear that we are heading this investigation towards the filing of CRIMINAL as well as CIVIL charges against the participants in this virulent attack.

If anyone can show a connection between the perpetrators of these acts, and employees of any government agency, you'll make my day...

Tim Bolen