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"Pimple Popper" Polevoy, Pustulates...

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Sometimes the "quackpot menace" just makes me laugh. I can't help it.

I realize that, in general, there cannot be, anything really "funny" about the EVIL these people represent. But, sometimes, some of their leadership does something so stupid, so mindlessly inept, I just have to take time out for a belly-laugh. Canada's excuse for a "quackbuster," Ontario's primo pimple doctor, Terry Polevoy, gets today's hoot.

I'll tell you why in a minute...

I ridicule "quackbuster" leadership regularly. After all, with the quackbuster leaders, we're dealing, here, with the health world's "losers" - acting out their resentment of their betters. Under normal circumstances, one would feel sorrow for those that can't make it in their profession - after all, that's got to be a hard thing to live with.

But the "quackbusters" are a different thing entirely. They do not deserve pity. I suspect, that professionally, they brought their troubles on themselves - and deserve the scorn of their peers. They most certainly deserve the scorn they get from the Health Freedom Movement, and now, with our help, the U.S. court system.

Terry Polevoy, you'll remember, I think, was delicensed MD Stephen Barrett's "heir apparent" to the "quackpot throne," until, Polevoy got "spoken to" by Canadian Police for his actions of following Canadian Radio personality Christine McPhee from place to place, and then telling her about it on the internet. Polevoy, doesn't appear to be in the "heir apparent" running anymore... He was ROUGHLY shoved a side by little Bobbie Baratz.

Terry found out, the hard way, that when you live in world of rats, it isn't good to get wounded...


Canadian Polevoy apparently became upset when top "Alternative Medicine" Ophthalmologist Deborah Banker's VERY competent attorney Will Dailey, A Health Freedom activist in his own right, stopped the Medical Board of California (MBC) morons dead in their tracks - and I reported on it.

Agents of the Medical Board of California (MBC) Staff, and consultants, had filed a false criminal charge against Dailey's client, claiming Banker was guilty of "fraud." Dailey says that the trumped up charges were so poorly arranged that the simple opening of a textbook, for each of the so-called charges, in front of Los Angeles District Attorney (LADA) prosecutors, caused the LADA to agree to dismiss the case.

MBC reps had referred to the idiot blatherings of delicensed MD Stephen Barrett in their case files, as evidence. Barrett operates the dubious website "" out of his basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett claims to be a "retired Psychiatrist" but was never, ever, Board Certified in that specialty.

It has also been shown that Barrett is NOT licensed as a naturopath in any state - and doesn't even have a mail-order degree in that subject. He's definitely not an Ophthalmologist.

It has also been shown that Polevoy, himself, is NOT licensed as a naturopath in any state (or province) - and doesn't even have a mail-order degree in that subject. He's definitely not an Ophthalmologist.

So Polevoy sent out the message below to the quackpot rank-and-file: Smile when you note that inept Polevoy couldn't even spell Banker's name. He called her Deborah "Bender." Then he couldn't spell the word "ditty." He spelled it "dity." Then he couldn't spell the word "misdemeanor." He spelled it "mestiminer."

Terry Polevoy has, apparently, been harassing Deborah Banker MD on the internet. SO FAR, Malibu police haven't found anybody wearing a Harpo Marx wig, and Groucho Marx glasses, eyebrows, and nose piece, peering in the windows of Banker's clinic. Maybe Malibu, CA, is too far for Polevoy.

The "really funny" part is that Polevoy is about to MEET Will Dailey, Attorney, who is NOT happy with his client being harassed by the likes of Polevoy. Dailey knows all about Polevoy's antics in Canada, "stalking" Christine McPhee. California has a very harsh enforcement policy of it's "Stalking" laws... And, Will Dailey seems to have a VERY GOOD relationship with the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Go get him, Will... (insert belly-laugh here).

And Will, if you need any papers served on Polevoy (like a "Restraining Order"), keep in mind that he is in court in Oakland, CA, having submitted to jurisdiction. I'll let you know when he's available for "service"...


Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 16:58:25 -0400

From: Terry Polevoy <>

 To: Health Fraud <>

Subject: [healthfraud] Deborah Bender docket #



Anyone who is interested in looking at what really  happened in the Malibu courthouse on June 21, 2002.  Deborah Bender's docket # 1MA02927.

Send on your letterhead to their fax number requesting docket information. Fax them on your own letterhead - 310-456-0194.  Clerk's voice phone 310-456-0595.

P.S. her office responded to my question with this little dity: "I was charged with a mestiminer."

Yes folks perhaps Dr. Banker's glasses have left the building. Perhaps she has problems with spelling misdemeanor. Anyway, I asked her if Tim Bolen has any links to her office in any way. So far she hasn't responded. The lawyer that TB mentioned was Will Dailey, who is an anti-fluoride activist.

 Dr. Terry Polevoy, 938 King St. West,  Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 1G4 Canada, 519-725-2263 --  725-4953 fax.


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate