In Wisconsin: The Exception Proves the Rule...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

November 21st, 2003


Well, I was proven wrong on something - and I'm very pleased it happened. It happened in Wisconsin.

I have a jaundiced view of the media, especially national media. I wrote about this a few months ago in article called "Big Pharma Doesn't Own the Media..."

So when members of the Wisconsin Association for Health Freedom (WAHF) thought about approaching CBS affiliate Channel 3's "I-Team" in Madison about the quackbuster onslaught in their State, I was supportive, but not real enthusiastic. To me, TV has a fleeting sense, and doesn't take the time to examine an issue, unless there's a lot of blood, a car chase, bare skin, or inter-marriage between species. There is also that segment of the media who likes "shock" and has no compunctions about charging into your life with a camera, and making you look as bad as possible for their audience.

"I-Team" really surprised me. They not only spent the time to investigate the story, but they went further, and looked into the relevance, and the importance, of the issues to Wisconsin citizens. Wow! A media with a social conscience! I'm amazed. Truly amazed.

You can see their  story, and the actual film clips, by going to Channel 3's website, which you can reach by going through my earlier commentary "CBS Nukes Wisconsin Quackbuster Assault..." .  To get a sense, too, of the devastation CBS caused to the quackbuster operation, take a look at "CBS Airs "Sniveling Quackbuster" Expose'...

No Good Deed Should Go Unpunished...

Here's what I think we should do, silly as it may sound, at first. I think we should thank CBS for doing this community service, and encourage them to do MORE of this, nationally.

Frankly, an expose' of the quackbuster operation, nationally, is just what this country needs. CBS has taken the first step, with their Wisconsin affiliate, to doing America a great service. "Sixty minutes" needs to meet "I-Team."

So here's what I'm suggesting... Contact Linda Eggers (, by e-mail, and thank her for the great job she did. Send a copy to her boss, Carmelyn Daley (, and a copy to CBS News (

Why? For two reasons. (1) Because CBS really should do a national expose' of the issue. (2) Because, you can bet that the "quackbusters" are already in the process of trying to stop, and counter, the damage that was done to them with this broadcast. My guess is that that New York ad agency that runs the "quackbuster" operation was in CBS's main office, whining, cajoling, and threatening CBS, within hours of the time the first broadcast played. They were also, most likely, directing a coordinated attack against CBS Madison, and the reporter that did the story.  It's their Modus Operandi.

Keep something in mind. Even with the truckloads of money Big Pharma pumps into the quackbuster operation, they are still unable to stem the tide of America's turn towards alternatives to drugs in health care. The North American Health Freedom Movement simply outnumbers the quackbusters 100,000 to 1.

Do America a favor. Encourage CBS to take this story national. Send Linda and Carmelyn a thank you note. One they can show to CBS main office. Tell them about YOUR feelings about, and YOUR experiences with, the sleazy quackbuster operation.

Now is the time...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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