"Quackbuster" INFIGHTING, for Barrett's Throne, HEATS Up...

December 29, 2001

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

December 14th, 2001

There was a day, I'm sure, when NOBODY could have pushed delicensed MD Stephen Barrett (www.quackwatch.com) aside as the undisputed king of the "quackbuster" crazies. But that day is GONE.

Even though the old boy still lives, his stooges are already dividing up his clothes. And, there isn't a thing he can do about it. He's powerless. His hairpiece is askew - and he doesn't even notice.

The fight to succeed Stevie on the QUACKPOT throne is bitter and vicious. The one slightly ahead of the pack is the infamous Bobbie Baratz - the one who made up a life on his resume so he could testify as an "expert witness" on the circuit.

Barrett's "end" has been coming for a long time. For, Barrett has been screwing-up for a long time. He's had one loss after another, after another, etc., for years. Barrett's protection was that he didn't allow anyone close to the throne. He kept the power close. He made sure none of his minions had enough of the picture, enough influence with the rank and file, to challenge him. He managed that by controlling the "quackbuster" communications network - www.quackwatch.com, and the healthfraud discussion list. Anyone who questioned his authority was simply banned from the communications network. A simple and effective control mechanism.

But Barrett DID get challenged - and not from within, but from the Health Freedom Movement. In that confrontation, he's getting mangled; slapped around, bloodied, his face-pushed-in-the-dirt, etc. The whole enchilada.

Because he's getting beat up by the very group that he, and his minions, have so long held in low regard, Barrett is losing face BIG TIME within quackpot ranks. In a rat pack it's not good for "king rat" to get caught out by a junkyard dog. Even if he survives the incident, and bloodily slinks back to the nest, he won't fare well after that. Rats, after all, are rats...

Barrett has found several junkyard dogs. In California, where Barrett had thought to regain his stature by attacking Homeopathy, etc., in a Los Angeles Superior court, he got chewed into hamburger by a no-nonsense Judge. I'm told, "It was a pleasure to observe." Barrett was so unnerved, and LITERALLY shaking, he asked the Judge if he could go home a day early.

And now bloodied, limping back to the rat's nest, Stevie is learning rat reality...



The "quackbuster" paymasters aren't backing Barrett any more. The sent Bobbie Baratz, and Timothy Gorski, to the Senate hearings on anti-aging instead of Stephen Barrett. And, somebody (not one of us) sand-bagged Gorski's appearance by complaining to a Senator that Gorski's resume was puffed up. Sound familiar? The Senator wrote a letter to the Chairman of the committee complaining. Here's the letter:

Dear Mr. Chairman: It has come to my attention that Dr. Timothy N., Gorski, a witness at the Senate Special Committee on Aging's September 10, 2001 hearing on anti-aging products, may have misrepresented his credentials. Specifically, in his written testimony, Dr. Gorski claimed to be an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center (UNTHSC). Dr. Gorski is not currently a member of the UNTHSC faculty, and the University does not appear to have approved his testimony. Since Dr. Gorski was not sworn in, as were witnesses on two previous panels, his misstatement does not constitute perjury, but may be a false statement governed by 18 U.S.C. 1001.

At the very least, the record of the September 10, 2001 hearing should be corrected to accurately reflect the credentials of Dr. Gorski. Additionally, should you decide to refer this matter to a U.S. attorney, I will join you in a bipartisan referral.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Senator Craig's letter - (September 25, 2001).

Frankly, I suspect Bobbie Baratz did this - thinking Gorski might be a threat to his takeover of the "quackbusters." After all, Baratz's resume itself is FANTASYLAND. Baratz is well aware how much EXPOSURE can damage one...

The knives are out... We'll see who survives. Am I hearing Stevie croak "Et tu Brute'?"


Tim Bolen