California Judge Lambastes Quackpots...

December 29, 2001

Opinion by consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Good wins again, in the war against Evil.

Judge Haley Fromholz of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Hill Street) came to work one day last October, 2001 to find a case on his desk called "The National Council Against Health Fraud vs. King Bio Pharmaceuticals." Little did Judge Fromholz know that this case, and his decision in this case, would be driving one more nail into the "quackbuster" coffin. An important nail.

On December 17th, 2001 Judge Fromholz delivered his signed decision in the case. And, he didn't say ANYTHING good about the quackbusters. You can read his decision, word for word, by going to the front page of, and clicking on "A Judge's View of the Quackbusters." I've taken the liberty of highlighting important parts of the Judges's decision in blue.

In fact, after reading this, you'll have to wonder how Barrett can even keep his website up. The sheer PUBLIC humiliation of this judgment would put most people into severe depression. The Judge's words put into correct perspective everything Barrett, and his minions, proclaim. The Judge's words are ABSOLUTELY QUOTABLE.

We're starting out the new year right.

Tim Bolen