DEC. 1, 2003

State of Wisconsin, DORL, MEB vs. Stuart M. Suster, M.D. 00MED272


I, Stuart M. Suster, M.D., FABPMR, FAAPM, now come before the ALJ, DORL, et al. in an effort to clear my name of the terrible wrong which has befallen it for almost 3 years.

I have been charged by A. Thexton, prosecuting attorney for the WI MEB with multiple counts of Unprofessional Conduct since 2001 and currently stand before all of you here today in Wisconsin to defend my position against these alleged acts of breach of The Medical Practice Act.

There is an astounding number of total acts violating some #11 areas(or more) which the State refers to as Counts against me.

There is a problem however. The problem is a huge one. The State’s representative A. Thexton et al. has violated, over and over again, my Constitutional rights to a fast and speedy trial as well as my rights to Due Process and Equal Protection under The Law.

These rights are not only borne out by The Constitution but are guaranteed by The Supreme Law of the land. The Supreme Law of the U.S.A is determined by the Supreme Court’s interpretation of The U.S. Constitution in case law. The interpretation of Case law by The U.S. Supreme Court is unquestionably The Supreme Law of this Land……………Praises be to our Holy God for giving us his Holy Laws. Hallelujah!

In counterdistinction the way in which The State here exerts its force is by ignoring these Laws, employing tyrannical tactics, thereby removing my rights, so I and others like me are left completely and utterly powerless to defensively act. There is total disregard here on the part of the State of my protections….……it is as if I have none. The State has even ignored there own rules and regulations in doing so. Instead of interpreting these guidelines which tell them how to function, overwhelmed by the prospect of winning and justifying their bureaucratic existence, they make up the rules and in doing such know they cannot be challenged, defeated or removed from power.  It has already determined the allegations, will now sit in judgement, and determine my guilt during these said proceedings before I am even brought before Council of my peers to face my accusers. This protection and others, I and each one of you, is afforded by the Supreme Law of this land, America, and is contrarian to what the State wants you out there to believe. The State in its efforts to remove my rights, has become all powerful therefore has perverted the intentions of the Laws of God and the basis for social order in this wonderful Republic, we call “America”/U.S.A. 

You out there are here today to see whether justice will be served. I tell you as assuredly As I stand before you there will be no justice served today or any other day during this Proceeding. For the very glue which holds our judicial system together here in these Proceedings has vanished………Due process! It is as if as a Good Samaritan I came to my brothers aid after he had been struck down by another in the streets, his assailant page 2, Opening Statement already fled and bystanders bore witness to me as my brothers assailant. The bystanders cry out, “murderer!” as the authorities take me away for the hanging. I am sorry but this is not justice. This is not what our forefathers had hoped as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution.

I tell you though as long as I stand before you, as long as there is another breath in my body……………. as long as the Almighty God is my Shepherd I will not concede to any injustice………..I will not give up!!!!!!!!

Thank you.


Stuart M. Suster