Barrett OUSTED(?) as Chief Quackpot?


Opinion by "Consumer Advocate" Tim Bolen

November 18, 2001

It looks to me like delicensed MD Stephen Barrett may be looking at his last days leading the "quackbuster conspiracy" in North America. I think he's going to be ousted, and replaced, with Robert S. Baratz MD DDS, PhD (Bobbie Baratz). It may have already happened - and Barrett may not even be aware of it...

Right now, the "quackbusters" in North America, must think somebody stuck a "kick me" sign on their backs - for that's exactly what's happening to them - and, it's well deserved. And, it's all happened under Barrett's watch.

Barrett, the "quackbuster's" top propagandist (until yesterday?), is spending legal funds around the country like water out of a fire hydrant. Arrogant Stevie's walked into every trap members of the health freedom movement have set for him. He's got to be spending his mornings (and afternoons) writing checks to his attorneys. Barrett has always used the tactic of making others "spend a lot of money defending themselves" to force his will on his victims. Now it's happening to him (and his minions) - IN SPADES...

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Tim Bolen