The Public Humiliation of One of Barrett's Parrotts - by a Federal Judge...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

November 13, 2002

Quackbuster propagandist, failed MD Stephen Barrett, lost his very first court case suing one of his critics in US Federal court last week.  It was a belly laugh.  Barrett, who sues easily those disagreeing with his opinions vouchsafed on his ludicrous website, has never had to, actually, go to trial before.  Finally, when he did, he got literally thrashed.  This was the case where the tire met the road.

What's interesting about the case was Barrett's total lack of support from what he'd like us to believe is his support network.  Have you ever leafed through Barrett's website and seen his lists of so-called advisors?  How about his lists of attorneys?  What about those government agencies?  If these are supposedly Barrett's network, where were they during the case?

I think, now, we've come to the truth of the matter...  The "Quackbusters" are a hoax, a scam, a construction of a few sick minds.  A haven for the mentally unwashed.

During the trial, there were no legions of FDA, FTC, DHHS, NCI, NIH, Medical Boards, or Health Departments crying his values.  There were no famous University Professors, Medical world leaders, AMA or ADA reps, Presidents of Specialty Medical organizations lauding Barrett's contributions.  Nada one.  The big attorney firms he claims relationship with must have been busy elsewhere.

Now comes reality...

All Barrett could bring to the courtroom table, when push came to shove, was one of his lower level flunkies.  One of those I call "Barrett's Parrotts."  Barrett's Parrotts haunt discussion groups deriding the participants trading health ideas and information.  Of course, the results of that move, on Barrett's part, were disastrous for him.  Read the Judge's decision at Scroll down to the bottom and read what the Judge said about Barrett's primary witness.  It Begins ""Plaintiff offered his own testimony and that of Charles Morrow, Jr...."  Go ahead and laugh when you read it.

When push comes to shove...

Tim Bolen
Consumer Advocate