Quackbusters Defeated in Wisconsin - AGAIN...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

January 13th, 2004

Taking "quackbuster" (quackpot) advice can be dangerous to your public career. That's what Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) Prosecutor Arthur Thexton has found out the hard way. His connection with, and the use of, the "quackbusters," has led him down the path into much tighter control of his daily activities, and a series of HUMILIATING losses in the Wisconsin Court System. He is also facing years of personal legal actions filed against him for his activities.

But, he can't say he wasn't warned...

Thexton, this last week, was handed ONE MORE SIGNIFICANT DEFEAT in his pro-quackbuster assault against Wisconsin's leading-edge health practitioners. This time, by an Administrative Law Judge, William Black.

Thexton is the one who achieved national humiliation when he UNSUCCESSFULLY used the advice and testimony of well-known CRACKPOT Robert S. Baratz, the current president of the so-called National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), against a leading edge Wisconsin practitioner, Eleazar Kadile MD.

The so-called NCAHF, an organization of doubtful origin and pedigree, is currently run out of Baratz's Braintree, Massachusetts hair-removal and ear-piercing salon. Thexton had spent $165,000 of the Department's money prosecuting Kadile on Baratz's advice, including about $70,000 for Baratz's "services," only to have the case end without considering ANY of the wild-eyed Baratz testimony.  De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett (quackwatch.com) had been paid $3,000 in the case

Baratz had broken down into weeping during his testimony, after being confronted about his credibility.

During the Kadile hearings, Thexton threatened Eleazar Kadile's wife with prosecution if Kadile refused to agree to, and sign the stipulation he and Baratz had prepared for Kadile. The so-called "stipulation" was right out of the quackbuster handbook - and was a laundry list of practices, lab tests, procedures, etc., railed against by the dumber of the quackpots. When Kadile refused to agree to the stipulation, and demanded that his accuser, Robert S. Baratz, be examined for his credibility (and his mental state), Thexton carried out his threat and attacked Eleazar's wife Genia, who holds a certification from the State of New York in Clinical Nutrition.

Thexton, in his vengeful assault against Genia Kadile, used the standard quackbuster line, claiming that only licensed "Dietitians" could give nutritional advice within the State of Wisconsin. "Dietitians," we know, are those responsible for hospital food, and are trained to believe, and to spout the nonsense, that "all the nutrition you need can be gotten from regular food." Thexton was seeking injunction against Genia Kadile, attempting to set a State precedent that would ACTUALLY give "Dietitians" exclusive rights to nutritional advice, and exclusive use of the term "nutrition."

Just think, a whole State where "hospital food" was required, with no options...

Thexton lost his bid to do that.

The Administrative Law Judge, William Black, saw right through Thexton's pro-quackbuster gambit, and wrote a SCATHING fourteen page decision, highlighting areas of Thexton's attack on Genia Kadile. In the decision Black clearly pointed out that, In Wisconsin, "a person may designate themselves as something," and that the Wisconsin legislature was clear about who it wants to "license" and who it feels doesn't need to be licensed. The legislature made it clear that "you do not need a license to do something, in general. Licensing is for dangerous occupations."

I can see why the State of Wisconsin was wise enough to demand licensing of "Dietitians." Have you ever experienced hospital food?

Going after Thexton...

Now, of course, Genia Kadile wants her legal expenses paid by Thexton - and is intending to go after them. She's going to have to stand in line though, as others have already laid claim to Thexton's net worth. Her husband, Eleazar, the victim of a long, expensive Thexton/Baratz attack is filing claim for his costs, including loss of business, against Thexton. There is a hearing on that subject scheduled for at 9:00 AM, January 30th in Room 294 at the Department of Regulation and Licensing Building in Madison. Wisconsin Health Freedom Fighters will be attending.

Then the Wisconsin Assembly Health Committee can subpoena Thexton and "the other" DRL quackbuster supporter, James Polewski, into a hearing, asking them about their pro-quackbuster activities.

2004 is shaping up to be a FUN year.

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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