Quackpot Barrett THRASHED in Illinois High Court...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


October 30th, 2003

The "Essence of America" is alive and well in Illinois.  

A three Judge panel of the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, today, issued a decision in the "Stephen Barrett v. Owen Fonorow" case. Barrett had lost his original case against Owen in District Court and filed an appeal, apparently trying to get the Illinois Appeals Court to re-write federal law and counter a decision previously handed down by a Federal Court.

Barrett was MANGLED by the Judges.

Barrett, who most of you will recognize from his dubious website "quackwatch.com," has been conducting some sort of strange, convoluted, legal campaign "sort-of" claiming that I, Tim Bolen, have libeled and defamed him in some way he's not willing to explain, beyond pointing a finger at an eight inch pile of papers and saying "It's all in there..."

"Libel" doesn't work like that.

Barrett, also, put the cart before the horse, suing people who published my articles on the internet, claiming "they knew my articles were libelous," yet again, neglecting to point out where the libel actually is, or was. I believe Barrett, and his cronies, actually avoided serving me intentionally for about eighteen months, knowing the first question I'd officially ask would be "Where's the libel, Buster?"

I have reason to think that this whole "libel case" is, and was, being funded, and run, out of a New York ad agency. Why do I think so? Because Barrett testified in an Oregon Court case that he only made a total of $24,000 last year, and $30,000 the year before that. So where's the money coming from to fund the lawsuits? It's certainly not coming from the quackpot soldiers - the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF). They are so desperate for cash, they offered an out-of-focus picture of me, Tim Bolen, as a contribution incentive. They are currently operating the NCAHF out of the back room of president Robert S. Baratz's hair removal and ear piercing salon in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Want to read the case? If you have a hankering to read a big pile of legalese, click here..

Owen Fonorow, in the case, had argued "Barrett's lawsuit was filed for the improper purpose of "intimidat[ing] and harass[ing] those persons who disagree with [Barrett's] philosophy on the issue of alternative medicine... " 

Well, I certainly agree with that...

Stay tuned.   There's MUCH more to come...


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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