Quackpots Lose AGAIN, in Florida...

January 26, 2002

Opinion by consumer advocate Tim Bolen


When Stephen Barrett blew it in California, and humiliated the entire "quackbuster" conspiracy, over the homeopathic case, it looked as if Bobbie Baratz was moving into the number one quackpot spot.

But then, Bobbie was called to the test, himself - in Florida. And, Bobbie didn't test well. You can read about Bobbie's "test" by going to www.savedrclark.org, and clicking on the box that says "Those Opinion Pieces." Look for the article called "Florida Dental Board Backs Down..."

Poor Bobbie - and he was so-o-o-o-o confident. He blew it badly, in Florida - and got the "quackbusters" laughed at all over again.

It wasn't Bobbie's fault, per se, that he lost so badly in Florida. Bobbie was just over-matched, out-gunned, overpowered - SQUASHED - by the North American Health Freedom Movement. He was so scared, he couldn't even get up to speak when it was his turn.

Now, with Baratz's blatant display of cowardice in Florida, and Barrett's TV fame - I'd have to say that Stevie's back on top - temporarily, anyway. Especially when you add Baratz's NEW Florida loss - the one I'm about to tell you about.



The Phillips case (with references at the end of this paragraph) has been a fun one for the Health Freedom Movement. It has all the elements of the kind of case we want to win - and win big. The opposition has a lot of eggs in this one basket. A win here - is a win there, and there, and there. And, we are winning... References: http://www.savedrclark.org/opinionpieces/floggedinflorida.htm, and http://www.savedrclark.org/opinionpieces/florida_dental_board_vs.htm).

I predicted, right from the start, that Doug Phillips would lose at the hands of the administrative law system, and that the Dental Board, no matter what the Judge said, would act out their corruption, and take his license. What I said, in the original article was "Phillip’s team believes that, no matter what the facts are, the Florida Dental board will NOT rule in Phillip’s favor. They plan to win on appeal…"

Of course I was right. They did just what I said they'd do. Corruption is corruption. And now we're at the "appeal" stage - and it's our turn. And. we'll do just what we said we'd do.

Doug Phillips has had a good attorney, all along. His name is Jim Tuthill, and he practices law in West Palm Beach, FL. He does it very well. Jim conducted the case, knowing what the Dental Board would eventually do.

But recently, the Dental Board played it's ace-in-the-hole, it's last big card in the game. They filed an action with the Appeals Court claiming that "Phillips was a danger to the community," and that his license needed to be suspended during the appeal process - which means, of course that Doug couldn't work, pay his staff, pay his attorney, etc. That was their trick - cut off his money, so he couldn't fight them.

At first it worked. The Appeals Court granted their motion. After all, would a Dental Board lie? But then, Jim Tuthill, working with a specialist attorney, Amy Shield, and Phillips' superb support team, filed a request for reconsideration - a brilliant one.

"Requests for Reconsideration" are almost NEVER granted, and appeals almost NEVER reversed. My attorney friends tell me that the odds are maybe one-in-ten-thousand that such a thing could happen. But it did...

In Good vs. Evil - good wins again..

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate