Quackpot Barrett May Have To Sell His Basement...

September 1, 2001

Opinion By Tim Bolen

California law is VERY clear on the fate of those caught filing SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) against honest California citizens expressing their opinions on social issues, and exercising their First Amendment rights. California legislators couldn't care less what a subversive group working out of a basement in Allentown, PA, THINKS the law should be. The law is clear - you get caught abusing a California court process to harass a Californian - you pay - and you pay damn quick.

And if you don't pay damn quick? California Judges can, and do, issue CONTEMPT citations. With this they can send law enforcement officers, with shackles, to round up those that ABUSE California courts.

The Quackpot menace is learning a HARD lesson in the "sunshine" State.

To read the whole article - go to "Breaking News" at www.savedrclark,org...

Tim Bolen