Health Freedom: The shift to "offense"...

February 16, 2002

Op/Ed by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I've always said that members of the North American Health Freedom Movement are the kind of people who are welcome in my living room anytime. I've never met a better class of warm, caring, sensitive, socially conscious, socially responsible, and CAPABLE humans anywhere, than in the Health Freedom Movement. In the movement, and in its people, I see the essence of America - the values instilled in us in youth - those handed down from our forefathers.

I meet others in the movement, usually in hallways, at events or confrontations. Often, I simply recognize a voice I've spoken to on the telephone. So, I simply walk up and ask "Are you, by any chance (so-and-so)?" Then it's smiles, and "introductions" all around - and lunch or dinner scheduled right-on-the-spot. Imagine the restaurant's response to "a table for 43 please?"

But, boy, are those fun - and enlightening. Strategies, tactics, laughter, congratulations, sympathy, offers of help and support - and the making of new friends and allies. Important stuff. The components of victory.

The Health Freedom Movement knows, now, how powerful it is - and how much influence it has - and how easy it is to win battles when working from a simple war plan. As a movement, it is learning how to play "hardball." No more "Mr. Nice Guy" - the issues are too important.

The movement has learned that when you have power, and exhibit that power, you don't have to ASK authority figures for the their help. You just indicate the problem, suggest a course of action, and suggest a time line for completion. Then you move on to the next problem.



It is the three part "suppression conspiracy" itself - the predators. It is time to identify it's members and press for solution..

The "Health" movement, a counterpart of the "Health Freedom Movement," is consumer driven. It is obvious that it is succeeding. The American people, despite massive attacks on "Health" providers, has made a conscious decision to be healthy, rather than medicated. The allopathic drugs and surgery paradigm has been soundly rejected. The only thing holding up allopathy, at all, is our medical infrastructure (Medicare & insurance). The hand writing is on the wall. "Health" has its place in the sunlight.

But, the barbarians own the night. "Health" providers are constantly preyed upon. We need to do something about this...

In ancient times, in the early days of man civilizing himself, communities worked in their fields tending their crops, and their livestock, during the daylight hours - but rounded up their livestock, and carried their valuables into a fortified area, before dark. For the predators, both human and four-footed, owned the darkness.

As communities grew in size and complexity, it became obvious to leaders that the daytime/nighttime system wasn't working any more. It was too hard to maintain, and limited growth and opportunities. Leaders looked at each other and said "we need to make the night safe for our people. We need to get rid of the predators." So they did.

History makes mention, often, of the brutal methods early communities employed to take back, and protect, their night. Violence, though, was something predators understood. A "target the predators" strategy, works - every time... And, it will work now, in 2002.

The "Health" movement is in this same position right now - it's time to take back the night. It is time to target the predators.



They are a combination of three parts: (1) the quackbuster conspirators, (2) those financing them, (3) and those within our government agencies who act on behalf of quackbuster interests.



AGAINST THE QUACKBUSTERS: Since we are already identifying, and chasing the quackbusters - hanging them (so to speak) where we find them, we simply need to continue the process. It's working, and it's fun...

AGAINST THOSE FINANCING THEM: "Deposition" of quackbuster leadership, in the court cases where we are mauling them, will provide answers about this issue. Quackbuster leaders can only avoid being "deposed" for so long. Since the deposition process is "under oath - and penalty of (criminal) perjury," and we know quackbusters lie, we are in the perfect position.

Quackbuster leadership credibility has been literally "ripped apart" recently, in courtrooms, across America - using "cross-examination" and deposition techniques focusing on the so-called "qualifications" of quackbusters.

Once we find out where the money is coming from, we can make decisions about what to do. My recommendation is that we act as ruthlessly as possible - destroying those companies' ability to do business in North America, for all time, and press for prosecution of their executives. Play hardball.

AGAINST THOSE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: This one is easy. Much easier than you would think. For, the quackbuster sympathizers, in our agencies, are NOT in prominent positions. We just need to find them, and weed them out. Those agencies belong to us.

Let's take back the night. It'll be fun.

Tim Bolen