Quackpot's Top Attorney says "I Consider Suicide Daily..."

January 15, 2002

Op/Ed by consumer advocate Tim Bolen

Honest to God - I'm not making this up...

I make no secret that, to me, "the quackbusters," as humans, leave much to be desired. Their leadership, it appears to me, is a radioactive conglomeration of loose nuts bolted together to screw the American public. Their rank and file seems to have an average IQ of 52.

You've got to wonder what kind of an attorney these people would engage. Well, I didn't need to do the research about that. A Los Angeles newspaper that specializes in legal issues and stories, did it for me. And, I'm literally in shock at their findings.

The Los Angeles Daily Journal "front page feature article" titled "Lifting the Smoke Screen," tells the story of the "quackbuster's" choice of legal assistance better than I ever could.

You won't believe this until you read it yourself. Go to www.savedrclark.org front page and click on "Quackpot's Top Attorney."

Only in America...

Tim Bolen