Wisconsin:  Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water...


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


February 6th, 2004



Department of Regulation & Licensing (DRL) “quackbuster” prosecutors Arthur Thexton, and James Polewski, in a series of actions, are openly defying new DRL policies set down by recent Governor’s appointee, new DRL head Donsia Strong Hill.  In this test of wills, it will be interesting to see who wins – the Governor of Wisconsin, or the “quackbusters.”


I’m going to tell you about this “test of wills” in two parts.  First this article, then, in a separate article not far behind this one, the rest of the story.  The second story, titled “The Stuart Suster MD Case - the Most Sadistic, Vicious, and Cruel So-called Prosecution I’ve Ever Seen…” will chill you.  You will find it hard to believe that an agency would allow one of its employees to use their power in such a horrible way.  Then I’ll tell you what we’re going to do about this case, and get Stuart Suster’s life back.


Let’s begin…


I was in Wisconsin all last week.  Meetings,  meetings, meetings, and one DRL hearing to determine who pays the costs of the “quackbuster” assault on Wisconsin’s leading-edge health practitioners.  It was the latest hearing in the DRL v. Kadile case. 


The Kadile case, initiated originally by screwball quackbuster John Renner, now dead of his own medical recommendations (he died on the operating table during a heart bypass operation) was picked up by basement-based, failed and delicensed MD, Stephen Barrett, who then recommended, as their very best “expert witness,” Robert S. Baratz, the current president of the courtroom discredited National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).  Baratz operates the NCAHF out of his Braintree, Massachusetts hair-removal and ear piercing salon.


The “War in Wisconsin,” as the project got labeled, was/is a major confrontation between the aging, and stumbling, leadership of the self-styled “quackbuster” conspiracy, and the North American Health Freedom Movement.  The “quackbusters” a few years ago, completely controlled health care offerings in Wisconsin, and would ruthlessly attack any, and all, health practitioners that dared to offer any health ideas that conflicted with the health statements maintained on “quackwatch.com,” or the even sillier “ncahf.org.”


Frankly, it was been beginning to look like the “War in Wisconsin” was over.  After all, it isn’t every day that a regulatory agency hires what it thinks is an “expert witness,” goes through half of a trial using that witness spending $70,000 on the witness, and $165,000 on the case, and then does an about-face once it learns that the witness is, shall-we-say, is “irrevocably soiled.”

But, while I’m there, what do I find out?   It isn’t over.  Donsia Strong Hill, the new leader of the Wisconsin DRL, has been making policy changes – or at least ATTEMPTING to make them.  She’s declared in public “What I inherited were a group of prosecutors who basically had functioned in the past with very little supervision over them or direction or even the establishment of priorities," Strong Hill said. "We certainly have changed that."  When CBS News 3 asked Strong Hill, "You're supervising them more closely?" She responded, "They are definitely being supervised more closely."

Donsia Strong Hill, it looks to me, has been trying to do the right thing for Wisconsinites. And, so have the people she's brought in.  She’s made her new policies crystal clear, both to DRL employees and the public.  But the problem hasn’t gone away, for both “quackbuster” prosecutors, James Polewski and Arthur Thexton are openly, and defiantly, thumbing their noses at Strong Hill.  If anything, they’ve gotten MORE anti-health and have adopted even more horrific attacks on behalf of their “quackbuster” masters.  I’ve got TWO new cases I’m, going to tell you about, right now.  One in this article, the other in the next.

Polewski’s Projects…

James Polewski specializes in screwing, on behalf of the “quackbusters,” Wisconsin Health professionals OTHER THAN Medical Doctors.  Polewski is currently attacking FOUR leading-edge Dentists, and in each of his so-called “prosecutions,” he spouts the EXACT words that hair-removal and ear piercing specialist Robert S. Baratz uses in the dental cases, around the US, where he testifies.  Polewski follows the party line he’s has sworn to support with his membership in the NCAHF. 


(1)  In Polewski’s latest assault, he actually LIED to his Department of Enforcement supervisors, and to the Dental Board, to get permission to prosecute a fourth leading-edge Holistic Dentist, Rick Vander Heyden of Green Bay.  In that assault, Polewski had, last July, 2003, sent Vander Heyden a “Subpoena,” demanding of Vander Heyden “You are to appear before James E. Polewski…” on such-and-such a date.  The US Supreme Court in several decisions, but in particular US v. Minker, has it made it clear that “Subpoenas” are to be issued ONLY by the courts, and are an ABUSE of the system when used by Administrative proceeding operators like Polewski.  The Minker decision clearly outlines the method, and tactics, to counter “fake” subpoenas” issued by the likes of Polewski.  Vander Heyden responded with an appropriate Demurrer.


Legal papers on my desk show that in Polewski’s complaint to the Dental Board, Polewski FALSELY AND WITH INTENT TO DECEIVE,  DEFRAUD, AND CAUSE HARM claimed that Vander Heyden had refused a “Request for Interview,” an entirely different legal situation, with entirely different legal circumstances, than a Subpoena.  Polewski has NEVER requested an interview.  Polewski also FALSELY AND WITH INTENT TO DECEIVE,  DEFRAUD, AND CAUSE HARM claimed in his Complaint that Vander Heyden had demanded “payment of $2,000.000 in gold or silver for violation of his right to his time…”  No such thing happened.  Polewski LIED again. The rest of the complaint tries to discredit the established science of EAV (Voll), which estimates show, is used by only about 30,000 practitioners nationwide.  Europe is the leading user of EAV science.  The "quackbusters" hate EAV, or any form of electro-medicine.


Both Polewski and Thexton file frivolous complaints against leading-edge paradigms using “quackbuster” tactics.  The “fake’ Subpoena” is only one of them.  Another tactic Polewski and Thexton use is the “endless litigation” strategy, designed to exhaust a leading-edge practitioner’s life savings going through the legal motions and movements of fighting a frivolous case.  Vander Heyden took my advice on this.  He’s handling the case by himself – backed up by a legal team.  Polewski can’t waste Vander Heyden’s money with endless attorney discussions, letters, etc.  He doesn’t know who’s helping Vander Heyden, and even if he found them, they won’t talk to him.


Polewski, I believe, is attempting to get around Donsia Strong Hill’s new policy of “not prosecuting Alternative Medicine” by intentionally LYING to both his supervisory team and the Dental Board.  His supervisor, the Chief of Enforcement, has been informed. We’ll see what happens…


(2)  Polewski, in an action against another leading-edge Wisconsin Dentist who practices Micro-Dentistry, a branch of dentistry reviled by the "quackbusters," got hammered by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who, before this “recommended decision” had NEVER BEFORE sided with a practitioner against a prosecutor.  The ALJ severely criticized Polewski’s case, indicating that he, Polewski has wasted the court’s time, and recommended complete dismissal of the case.  Polewski, in typical quackbuster fashion, filed an objection to the decision.


I’m not at all surprised at Polewski’s actions.  It is what “quackbusters" are all about.


Stay tuned…


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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